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As a leading area dealer of forklifts, NJ and NY material handling company C&C Lift Truck understands that the key to developing and maintaining a successful business is focusing on the big picture. That's why in addition to forklifts, scissor lifts and other material handling machinery, we also offer the smaller accessories your equipment needs in order to function properly, such as batteries and chargers. We offer competitive pricing on the highest quality products from Northeast Battery, Douglas Battery, and Enersys Battery.


Find Competitive Pricing on Forklift Batteries & Accessories


Northeast Industrial Forklift Batteries 

Since 1968, Northeast Industrial Battery has been the largest independent distributor of batteries in the region. Northeast has a fantastic selection of motive power batteries for material handling equipment, forklifts and pallet jacks.


Douglas Battery Forklift Accessories 

Douglas Battery has been a leading industrial battery company since 1921. Douglas has an extensive line of Legacy batteries and chargers for industrial lift trucks, forklifts and pallet jacks.

Enersys Industrial Batteries

Enersys, the largest industrial battery manufacturer in the world, offers a broad line of motive power batteries and chargers for electric lift trucks and forklifts. Top brands include Enforcer, Express, Ironclad and General Battery.


Stay Updated with New Forklift Accessories & Technology

C&C Lift Truck is also proud to offer battery presentations for the entire company. Contact us to schedule a presentation on new battery technology. With fast and opportunity charging systems, there is no need for changing your battery to get an extra shift in.


Click here to contact us or call 866-770-LIFT (5438). We will help you find the right batteries and chargers for your equipment.