2013 - A Cautious Year

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

America’s role in the forklift industry is taking a positive stride as far as the global market is concerned. Although Japan and China have dominated the lift truck industry for the past few years, market research shows that U.S. companies have turned the tides in safety and fuel efficiency when it comes to forklift trucks. Despite declining global sales, the United States has the markets - mainly construction and automobile investors - to become a leader in the lift truck industry.

Despite 2012’s economic disappointments, the last quarter has shown significant increases in profitability worldwide. It has been projected by a number of market analysts that the forklift truck industry will become more prominent than ever. There are big things to come in 2013! Read the full article to learn what is going on in 2013 around the globe!

Source: ForkliftAction.com

According to the Construction and Equipment Industry in China Report published in October, China’s materials handling sector has felt the pinch along with the rest of the world. The first quarter of 2012 saw a slowdown in both domestic and international demand, caused by the worldwide economic recession.

However, by the end of the year, total sales of forklifts were expected to be level with 2011 figures. Sales of IC forklifts continued to decline in 2012 by 7.6% but sales of electric forklifts, particularly electric ride-on forklifts, grew by 35.3% to 53,171 units.

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