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Get the Most from Your Pallet Truck with the AC Series by Big Joe

For those pallet truck operators who need to get more out of their pallet truck and less out of their expenses and operating costs, the Big Joe AC Series is the perfect solution. Not only does the series offer convenience, but also extended run times and durability. For those not in the market for a purchase, C&C forklift dealers offer the ability to lease a Big Joe AC Series


So what sets the AC Series pallet truck apart from other pallet trucks? To start, this pallet truck doesn’t feature any moving parts in its driving motors. That means less energy is exerted on your forklift, so you can maximize the productivity of your material handling equipment without parts and accessories.


A Big Joe Forklift with the Economy in Mind

The AC drive for your pallet truck does more than just sound cool. It increases the run time per charge, so you’re able to do more work on the same charge. It also eliminates the need for regular drive motor maintenance, which saves you money in the long run. Why not take a moment to marvel that your forklift can now deliver high performance with programmable flexibility for each job?


Options for Your Pallet Truck 

As always, there are options for your pallet truck’s battery. With a 105AH or 224AH AGM battery pack, there is maintenance-free technology that eliminates heat during charging. Additionally, because there is no heat, there is no need for a cool down period before getting your pallet truck into service.


For those tight corners and not-so-easily moveable spaces, there is a low mounted tiller with hands-free creep. This allows for low steering effort and exceptional control. That means no obstacle is too big for your forklift.


Finally, for those with customization in mind, your pallet truck comes with plenty of options. Your forklift is available with seven different fork configurations! Not to mention that you can choose from a range of drive tires, cold conditioning, and you can have your forklift specially tailored by our engineers for whatever project you need.


Your Pallet Jack Was Built for This

When talking about the construction of your pallet jack, itself, the best part is the lean manufacturing approach. Featuring a durable steel frame and non-proprietary components make sure that you are riding in not only a durable pallet truck, but one that will benefit your business by cutting down on operating costs.


Our high-performance low maintenance pallet jacks feature:

  • 24volt ZAPI transistor control
  • High torque Monarch drive motor.
  • Double reduction helical ZF GK10 transmission
  • Shaft mounted electromechanical brake
  • Creep speed operation for tight turning in close quarters
  • Ergonomic handle with safety reversing switch and horn
  • 255AH Industrial battery or 224AH AGM battery pack options
  • Battery discharge indicator with hour meter
  • Key switch to limit access to approved personnel



For help in finding the right Big Joe equipment for your business, contact our team of forklift dealers or call us at 866-770-LIFT (5438). C&C Lift Truck is happy to assist you in selecting the most appropriate model to suit your needs.