A New Platform Lift Truck from Leading Big Joe Dealers

The Big Joe J1 "JOEY"

Always innovating their own creations, Big Joe has now launched a new line of platform lifts unlike any before, the Big Joe J1 "JOEY". Designed to be a hybrid of a forklift and a platform lift, the J1 Joey is capable of transporting loads while being able to raise up to new heights, thus earning the name as a task support vehicle. There's no more need for rolling ladders or any other machine to get you to a higher elevation. Simply man your new platform lift and reach for that New Jersey sky!


A Platform Lift Performing Unlike Any Other

With attention paid to both engineering and function, your platform lift will be able to perform in ways you thought were once unattainable. The Big Joe J1 "JOEY" is built around its strong electric core to achieve new levels of performance.


Our platform lift truck can carry more than 500 lbs. up to 14' height, while still completing a full turn in a 72" aisle, making it ideal for a NJ or NY warehouse of any size. Plus, the power steering provides you with accurate vehicle control and placement. Need to squeeze in a tight spot? Easily attainable with this forklift without extra parts.

The Efficient Lift Truck for NJ and NY

For those concerned with their environmental impact, the Big Joe J1 "JOEY" quells those concerns with its most central aspect: it's electric. On a single charge, this platform lift can perform a continuous duty cycle over 4 hours long. This AC drive reduces your regular maintenance and allows for less time spent servicing your platform lift truck. That, along with the money saved, means your team is able to work more efficiently for a higher profit.


What separates this electric forklift from others on the market? The AGM battery pack outlasts, outperforms, and supports 120v charging. The future is now with your platform lift.

Big Joe J1 Joey Platform Lift Trucks Feature:

  • 1,000 lb. total vehicle capacity
  • 500 lb. front tray, 300 lb. operator, 200 lb. rear tray
  • Programmable dash with automatic speed reduction when elevated
  • Electronic power steering with infinitely variable speed control
  • Fingertip controls integrated into retractable vehicle guardrails
  • Premium steel l-beam mast construction and unitized steel frame
  • 180-degree articulating driveline with 72" minimum turn radius
  • The J1 Joey task support vehicle has multiple patents pending

Big Joe J1 JOEY platform lift truck specifications

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